Life Ideas

I'm going to use this page for what I am going to call 'Life Ideas' as they could probably come under many different headings. I'm thinking, firstly, of things that can improve your writing. Who does the writing? You, your fingers. What controls those fingers? A 5 pound lump of a brain. (Sorry if I'm off on the average weight as I didn't feel the need to google it lol.) It makes sense that a healthy mind can produce, not only, better work but it will help with motivation to sit down at your PC or note pad and get the words down. The best way is through excersize. But I won't just stop there. Another way to get more quality writing time is to keep the kids out of your hair for your writing time. So I will put on here some exersize iseas, kids entertainment, things to help you relax from your day job to get you in the mood for writing. Things to help you relax to get over a 'writer's block' period. Even a cluttered livingroom will keep you subconsiously stressed. So some storage ideas and mood lighting could have a marked improvement on cortisol levels and have a positive affect on your writing.